Dancing Ledge
The Blind Man

Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Lehman's unfinished screenplay, completed by Mark Gatiss.

One of seven 'unmade movies' available on audio, The Blind Man is set in 1961, and features a famous blind jazz pianist, Larry Keating, who agrees to a pioneering surgical procedure: an eye transplant. The operation is a success, but his new eyes are those of a murdered man - and burned onto their retina is the image of his killer. Can Larry track him down before he strikes again?

The proposed follow-up to North by Northwest, The Blind Man was to be set in Disneyland and star Jimmy Stewart - but Walt Disney refused permission, Stewart pulled out and Lehman dropped the project, leading to a 16-year rift with Hitchcock. Decades later, the unfinished script was rediscovered by producer Laurence Bowen in a research institute in Texas - along with extensive notes and letters between Hitchcock and Lehman. Completed and directed by Mark Gatiss, it stars Hugh Laurie (House) as Larry and Rebecca Front (The Thick of It) as Sylvia, with Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead) giving a masterly impression of Hitchcock as the narrator. Prepare to be blown away by this explosive new psychological thriller from the Master of Suspense...

Commissioned by BBC Radio 4, now available on Audible and Apple.

Aching­ly tense scenes… and a mas­ter­piece of a climax

86 min­utes
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