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We’re thrilled to have developed Delhi Crime Story with Golden Karavan and Ivanhoe Pictures. Based on the 2012 rape case in Delhi that shocked the world, the series centres on the heroic actions of the Delhi police. With the eyes of the world upon it, the investigation is led by one passionate female officer who was driven to find the perpetrators by the crime’s extreme brutality.

We want­ed to illus­trate and explore a crime that is so incom­pre­hen­si­ble to most peo­ple that you don’t know where to start to think about it. And while you don’t want to think about it, it’s a top­ic that needs to be addressed. This led us to the pro­duc­tion of a mul­ti­ple part tele­vi­sion series, because there is so much to explore and it can be done in the aus­pices of a police thriller pro­ce­dur­al that should keep audi­ences gripped. I’m try­ing to get through this, like all of us. And I feel that, through the sto­ry of these police offi­cers who deal with gang rape every sin­gle day of their lives, our series can pro­vide a cathar­sis and learn­ing, as well as an explo­ration and under­stand­ing of law and order in a devel­op­ing world.

760min fac­tu­al dra­ma for Netflix
Produced Alongside
Ivan­hoe and Gold­en Kar­a­van Productions
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