Dancing Ledge

Dawn Sturgess Bursary

We have partnered with Wiltshire Creative to launch a bursary in honour and memory of Dawn Sturgess, who died on 8th July 2018 after coming into contact with the nerve agent Novichok. We intended to award one budding drama school acting student with £30,000 towards their living costs while studying (£10,000 a year for 3 years). However when it came to meeting the shortlisted candidates, we were so impressed with all three that we awarded the full bursary to Cassia, and also awarded £7,500 bursaries to Katie and Molly.


Cassia: “This bursary means I can breathe easy in a way I didn’t think possible. Before being offered the bursary, I didn’t realise how much the stress of costs was clouding and tainting my feelings around drama school. Now, I can allow myself to feel excited; I can think and plan, knowing I’ll be able to get the most out of my training.”

Mollie: “This bursary creates a sense of relief and freedom for both me and my family. I now feel secure in my financial situation over the course of the next 3 years and reassures me that I can focus on my studies without having to worry about my finances. I'll be able to put my time and energy into focusing on my work at Rose Bruford.”

Katie: “I’m very grateful to have been awarded this bursary in memory of Dawn Sturgess. This bursary will allow me to fully immerse myself in my 3-year degree course meaning I will be able to gain the most out of my training. The knowledge that I will be supported throughout my time at drama school by Wiltshire Creative and Dancing Ledge Productions has reassured me that I will be able to fully apply myself to my drama school experience.”

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